We have helped organizations find creative and effective ways to respond to the evolving challenges of the small business, non-profit and governmental world since 1991. We strive with each client to elevate our work to an artform, and our clients - small businesses, universities, schools, government, religious institutions, hospitals, and community and social service organizations - benefit.

We are successful because we are committed to success - your success. We believe in our professional abilities; we enjoy the challenge each new client presents; and we celebrate with our clients when our combined efforts achieve the goal. We are successful because we know this business. Our staff offers over twenty-six years of experience in many aspects of facilitation, strategic planning, development and marketing and for every type of organization.
  1. Innovation Catalyst & Change Agent
    Kim Smoyer
    Innovation Catalyst & Change Agent
    Kim has over twenty-six years experience working directly with over 100 clients.
  2. Associate
    Pip Conrad
    Pip's expertise coaching and mentoring provides exceptional resource to our groups.