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Valley Community Fund hired Smoyer & Associates to conduct over 200 interviews with San Luis Valley community members to get obtain feedback on the viability of a Community Foundation for this region. The final report provides detailed information about the region's ​real and perceived strengths and weaknesses in fundraising and the community’s perceptions of the concept.

The first San Luis Valley (SLV) Collaboration Summit event was held in Alamosa, Colorado on October 12, 2016. One hundred-twenty-one (121) individuals, representing nearly seventy (70) nonprofit organizations throughout the valley (and beyond) participated. Smoyer & Associates planned and coordinated the event and compiled this 2016 NPO Resource Directory.
Living Wisdom Village - Elders Creating Community - aims to enhance quality of life in a self-governed community where residents live respectfully and in harmony with one another and the environment. Smoyer & Associates completed a Market Study for this project. The market analysis will be used to promote the project to public officials, lenders, institutions, architects, funders and others.
Feasibility Study
Resource Directory
Study Conclusions 

Feasibility Study Appendices

Appendix A - List of Leaders at 1st Meeting 
Appendix B - Steering Committee Member List
Appendix C - Concept Paper      
Appendix D - Case Statement Brochure
Appendix E - Interview Introduction Letter    
Appendix F - Interview Questions       
Appendix G  - Online Public Opinion Survey 
Appendix H - List of Interviewees By County