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  1. Strategic Planning
    We provide organizational strategic planning and visioning workshops using innovative methodologies and tools. This information is often the basis for creating development and fund-raising goals and objectives. It is also helpful in developing organizational cohesiveness and shared vision.
  2. Creative Problem Solving
    Using Creative Problem Solving (CPS) techniques and tools and innovation games we create an interactive and engaging process that builds trust and resilience within organizations. We can help you define, discuss and engage in difference in a healthy and strategic way.
  3. Facilitation
    We provide meeting and retreat facilitation services customized to your particular group or organization. We base our process on your organizational needs and direction.
  4. Workshops & Trainings
    We develop custom workshops and training to meet your needs and address specific organizational or business challenges.
  5. Consulting
    We provide consultation services to assist nonprofits and businesses with overall organizational development, planning, marketing and innovation.
  6. Learning Histories
    Capture your organization's learning and institutional memory in this new form of project or program assessment. It's a written document that helps organizations become aware of its own learning.
Recent Training, Workshop and Facilitation List
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List of Recent Work
More information about the types of workshops and trainings we offer.
Nonprofit Development

  • Board Roles and Responsibilities
  • Strategic Planning 
  • Addressing Board Development Issues
  • Leadership Essentials - Inter-Connectedness Principles
  • ​Using Difference as a Creative Tool
  • Think Like a Business: Using Innovation Tools & Methodology to Generate New Ideas for Sustainability
  • Creative Problem Solving (CPS) for NPOs: Turn Your Challenges Into Opportunities
  • Building a Culture of Innovation
  • Introduction to Government Grants
  • Understanding the World of Grants (Private and Public)
  • Where to Find Grant Funds - Research
  • How to Research, Write, Submit, and Administer a Grant  
Business Development

  • ​Business Innovation Tools & Methodology
  • Creative Problem Solving for Business
  • Building a Culture of Innovation in Your Business
  • Customer Insights: Understanding Your Customers
  • Idea Generation Tools & Solutions
  • Ideation - Specific Product, Service or Program
  • Business Roadmapping
  • Addressing Specific Business Challenges Using CPS & Other Innovation Tools