Customer Testimonials

  1. Kim is an insightful facilitator and communicator. She's learned creative problem solving frameworks in-depth with KILN, and she combines that knowledge with her extensive advisement experience to create powerful solutions for her clients. Her business writing distills the essence of complex messages and enhances the perception of value. Can I just say she's very smart and great to work with!
    Gregg Fraley, Chief Solver at Kiln, Author & Speaker
  2. CRC has worked with Kim over the last five years in multiple capacities including as a trainer in nonprofit best practices, facilitator, conference manager and grant-writer. Kim has always provided high level, professional services. As a skilled facilitator, Kim is well spoken, confident and always prepared. While working with diverse teams, Kim has been effective in creating a safe environment where processes can flourish and team objectives are met with clear thinking, good participation and full buy-in from the team.
    Maria Fabula, President & CEO, Community Resource Center (CRC)
  3. Kim has become a staple to our team trainings which focus on team cohesion and productivity. Our team consists of 20 individuals and a lot of times progress is impeded by interpersonal dynamics and conflict. Kim has the ability to refocus team members and establish common goals and respect through and efficient and effective process that allows everyone to feel heard. I highly recommend Kim’s trainings for teams that would benefit from ongoing team maintenance to keep everyone working towards the same goal.
    Megan Strauss, Executive Director, Alpine Achievers Initiative
  4. I've seen Kim use the CPS process and other innovation tools at least half a dozen times. Her skilled facilitation energizes the group so that creative ideas flow like a fire hose. Then they are narrowed down to actionable items that have group buy-in. It is such an effective and enjoyable process that I arranged for her to model it to all of the Small Business Development Center Directors around the State of Colorado at our annual meeting.
    Jeff Owsley, Director, San Luis Valley Small Business Development Center
  5. We hired Kim to provide a Creative Problem Solving facilitation process for our board to catalyze our efforts to achieve a strategic plan. After hearing our goals and challenges Kim led the board in a very effective and inclusive process that made us the experts and in three hours brought the biggest issue of trust to the surface. The process then allowed the group to make a turning point from stuck and storming to working and “norming.” Kim is a talented facilitator and the CPS process is a refreshing new way to solve problems while staying in a positive framework.
    Liza Marron, Past Board President, Mountain Valley School
  6. The flood of great ideas we could actually implement was amazing. I liked the confidential brainstorming writing - it got us all expressing more. I appreciate your style Kim and how you can show us that we all are thinking along the same lines – that saves us time! Thanks for the tip sheet!
    Marilyn Laverty, Past Director, West Central Small Business Development Center