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Building Organizational Capacity Using Inter-Connected Leadership Principles

In this three-hour workshop, you will learn the concept, benefit and practice of establishing an inter-connected leadership style as the foundation from which to lead and participate in groups, teams and organizations. This professional and personal growth experience will cover the following:    
  • Learn to form groups, teams or organizational structure as interconnected systems by creating an interpersonal web – or relational infrastructure.
  • Learn the leadership essential practices and skills including:
    • Cultivate person-to-person communication in the open; optimizing communication between “the parts” and creating an interconnected whole (group)
    • Cultivate a ground of health – increase trust & resilience
    • Attend to, and be responsive to, the group as a whole (system)
    • Develop a high feedback culture – as an investment in relationships and the work you are doing together
    • Establish flexible and diversified group roles
    • Distribute roles, fields, perspectives, leadership – through more individuals and pairs
    • Engage in differences as synergistic collective intelligence
  • Experience some tools that will help you create this type of dynamic within your groups, teams and organizations.

May 24, 2017
from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Monte Vista, Colorado

Innovation Facilitation Training

August 2017

This is a hands-on course to accelerate innovation within your organization -- by providing intensive specialized facilitation training. Innovation is challenging, complex, and difficult. Growing the capacity to facilitate innovation projects within your organization, whether you are a for-profit company, or a non-profit, is essential for survival and growth. The cliché is true: Innovate or Die. Innovation process management requires a special set of skills that are not common. Skilled facilitation makes the difference between ineffective efforts and a successful introduction of a product, a service, or an internal change that matters.

Managing and facilitating teams through:

  • Getting an innovation mandate
  • Team formation
  • Visioning
  • Idea generation and idea development (brainstorming)
  • Management pitches
  • Action plans 

All these activities take facilitation knowledge and skill. Ideally, an internal facilitator of innovation knows a framework for creative problem solving, understands the basic steps in innovation, and knows how to execute specific tools and techniques that that advance teams through projects. Having these skills inside your organization eliminates or reduces the need for expensive outside assistance. Further, the innovation you create will help you maximize your opportunities for growth and improvement.       
Gregg Fraley
Watch Gregg's ​​​​​ TEDxNASA  talk on Creativity and TEDxStormont  talk on Imagination
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  • The big picture of Innovation, why it’s necessary, what it takes to be successful
  • The role of the facilitator and team leader in innovation
  • Team formation
  • Climate setting
  • Getting executive mandates and participation in the innovation process
  • The Osborn-Parnes Creative Problem Solving model, a time tested framework that becomes an underlying foundational approach to innovation
  •  CPS is a six step process that includes tools and techniques to:
  1. Identify challenges and opportunities
  2. Conduct comprehensive research
  3. Frame challenges as bold questions
  4. Generate ideas to address bold questions
  5. Refine and amplify ideas
  6. Create exciting plans to implement ideas
  • Planning innovation cycles, projects, and idea generation meetings/sessions
  • Learn how to facilitate basic and advanced tools for use in the various stages of creative problem solving and innovation projects (see Table of Contents of course materials for a comprehensive live)    
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